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Mocne I Słabe Strony Przykłady

Harimau Street. 39Karaibang29 November 2018Dear Solia.I heard about the passing of your father from my relatire.I'm so sorry to hear that. It's suck a sad news. Your lather was avery kind person. He was a great teacher tas.May Allah acett kis good deeds.Sofia. I really want to hug you. I fell quilty for not being therebut I'll go there to meet you. Be strony. I ken you're touch.Call me anytime if you need use.Send my regard to your mother and sister from me.Please aerkt my condolences.Love.Aula1. Who sent the letter ?2. Why did she send the letter?3. To whom the letter sent?4. Who told Alika about the bad news?5. Where does Alika live ?6. When was the letter made ?7. What is relation between Sofia to Alika?8. What is relation between Alika to Sofia's father?9. What was Alika suggestion to Sofia ?10. Why did Aloka feel guilty ?please dong bantuan nya​ … Baca Selengkapnya

Przyrząd Do ćwiczeń Gimnastycznych-krzyżówka

Baby shark shark shark shark shark shark Tuliskanlah macam macam perkembangbiakan vegetatif dan generatih pada hewan ?2. Tuliskan macam macam perkembangbiakan vegetatif ( alami dan buatan ) dan generatif pada tumbuhan ? … Baca Selengkapnya