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Chłopcy Z Placu Broni - Streszczenie Szczegółowe

Chłopcy Z Placu Broni - Streszczenie Szczegółowe

Tujuan Gerakan Nonblok tertulis dalam A Pancasila B Piagam Jakarta C Perjanjian Teluk D Dasasila Bandung E Dokumen Broni

Daftar Isi

1. Tujuan Gerakan Nonblok tertulis dalam A Pancasila B Piagam Jakarta C Perjanjian Teluk D Dasasila Bandung E Dokumen Broni


D. Dasasila Bandung


saya lihat dari google maaf kalo salah

2. Temnye zhestokosti mogut sdelat prirozhdennykh krokodilov vechno ne vazhneishei broni, vsled za etim absoliutno posviashchennyi muraveinik nachinaet mesti vzaimy razbituiu peredachu rozovym maniakom.


pertanyaannya anjin9 banget

3. 1. erlin never... at school late although her house is far from school.2. i have a dog in my house named Broni. Broni is a cute dog which has... spots spread across his tail. He is a pomeranian dog. Even though he has a strong body, he has a gentle face. He is always friendly to those whom we he knows. However, he can be... is strangers come to him. He always...loudly to the strangers.


4. Hello, I'm Afar. I am a student. There are five people in my family my dad, my mom, my elder brother, my little sister, and myself. My father is Mr. Arifin. He's a mechanic. My mother is Mrs Winda. She's a teacher. My elder brother is Broni. He is a college student. My little sister is Afina.She is still a baby. She is sometimes taken care by a babysitter a. How many family members does Afar have? b. How many brothers and sisters does Afar have? c. What is Afar's job? d. Who studies at college? e. Who is ia? f. Who is Mrs. Winda and what is her job?​


a. 5

b. He has 1 elder brother and 1 younger sister.

c. He is a student

d. His elder brother, Broni

e. ??

f. She is Afar's mother. She's a teacher

Maaf kalau salah, semoga membantu

5. What is Kitty Doing?5 poinHafiz and I are looking for the person who kidnapped Kitty our neighbors brown catDo you believe that detectives can find missing cats? Some peopledon't Right now we are bolding a magnifying glass. We are wearingdetective clothes. Karty likes playing with the neighborhood cats.We are looking around the neighborhood for a bronicat My partner and I are thinking about what troubleKathy is in we are looking for clues even where Fortunately, we got great clues.We are following the cat s footprint There she is! No one kidnapped Kitty Kittyis on the tree She's trying to catch some burds in the nestOKitty is Eating Fish BoneOKitty are Hiding behind the treeOKitty is catching some birds inthe nestOKitty is running fast​



kitty is catching some birds in thr nest

6. Tanggal 1 maret 2019 broni membeli mesin dengan harga perolehan rp. 43.000.000, nilai sisa sebesar rp. 3.000.000 dan umur ekonomis mesin 4 tahun. diminta : hitunglah nilai depresiasi, buatlah tabel depresiasi dan jurnal yang diperlukan dengan menggunakan metode depresiasi garis lurus !


NIlai depresiasi: (43jt-3jt)/4tahun = 10 jt per tahun

Jurnal depresiasi per tahun

biaya depresiasi 10jt

  akumulasi depresiasi 10jt


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