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Wróżby Andrzejkowe Kostki Do Gry

Wróżby Andrzejkowe Kostki Do Gry

Coba sebutkan bahasa inggris yang berakhiran GRY

Daftar Isi

1. Coba sebutkan bahasa inggris yang berakhiran GRY

so pasti angry broo...anGRY, hunGRY, semoga bener ya

2. 2. Tentukan nilai2x + y dari persamaan berikest.&3x +2y=Ssx+y=13s. Tentukan nilai x + y dari persamaan berikut.1 x 2 y = 1+ x + 2 y =-9. Tentukan xoy dari sistem persamaan berikat.2+ 3 - 12allx m/x7५Уs. Tentukan nilai Gry dariGry dari persamaan beriket.s- 3 -**?7.។​



Penjelasan dengan langkah-langkah:


3. 13. Sederhanakan bentuk-bentuk aljabar berikut.a. Sir - 3.0b. 9 + 4r-1c. 4r -&r + 12d 7-2r-x+53r +3y-- 5xy + 2r - 5y2 + Gry​


Penjelasan dengan langkah-langkah:

[tex]sir .....[/tex]

[tex]9+4r-1 = 8+4r[/tex]


[tex]7-2r-x+5 = 12-2r-x[/tex]

[tex]3r+3y-5xy+2r-5y^{2} + Gry .......[/tex]

4. 23 My don't homeAThankWill be very gryA What do youD las mad at meB Do you want34 this weekendLetsjust go ofAI am going to thailandD Would you likeB. I would go to thailand32. RinnC. I can't go to thailandRenD. I was going to thailandA I'm getting bor25 CoachPrepare yourselves, kidsB it's so annoyedWeC I'm so boredA are going to be lateDa se boredB. are prepared33 You smokeC. Are going to have a big match tomorrowD Will going to play nowB Must D. Don't34 Could you26 Lina : do you have a plan this weekend, susan?SusanNo, I don't why?A ShowingB ShowsLinaA I'm going to go to the beach35 Do you mindB I was just asking Maybe you went somewhereA loveC. I wil have a vacation. I think you might have gone B Disturb36 Siska Whatalong with meD. I'm planning to have a vacation Wood you like to Winda I thego with me?A more delicious27. Mother When are you going to do your B most delicioushomework, Sinta?C More deliciousSintaD most deliciousA. I was going to do it last night37. Traveling byB. I am going to do it by tomorrowC. I will be finding a time as soon as possibleA More convenD. I will do it after dinner, MomB Most conven28. last week our teacher come to class because heC More convensickD Most convenA Didn't-isC Doesn't - is38 The data thatB. Didn't - was D. Don't - wasconference pro29 DodyI think we should move to a new strategies for lesA evidenceLailaI feel comfortabe hereA. I have no opinion C. I agree with thatB I think soD No. I disagree with that30. NashaWould you like to come to myparty tonightAisyahOh, I'd love to, butA It's okayB. I have already had another plan for tonightC. I don't know about thatD. I think it's a great idea.the rules and regulatonsB cite​


yo don't know why ask me

5. The dialog is for questions 23 to 25.Dion:lin, can you help me with thistask please? I cannot find theanswers in the materials sent bymy teacherlin: What is it Dion?Dion : It is about animal's actions. It islike a cat meows when it is hungry and sleeps when it's full.Now, what does a kangaroo do?lin : Easy, it jumps. It keeps the babyin its pocket. Am I right?Dion : Yeah, I think so. What abouthorse?lin : It neighs. It runs fast. What else?Dion : How about ants? What do theydo?lin : What do you think? What arethey popular with?Dion : They are known as always worktogether in building a nest aswell as collecting food.lin : Excellent. There you can helpyourself. Lucky you, brother, tohave me as the assistantteacher during your study fromhome, aren't you?Ayok​


23.) c. his sister

24.) a. the teacher sent him the materials

25.) d. ants

6. 11. Dibandingkan dengan karya sastra sejenislainnya, novel ini kurang berbobot. Lukisanperwatakan kurang begitu mendalam, jalanceritanya terkesan mendatar saja, tidak adahal-hal yang menarik perhatian pembaca.cUITS S0S arik perhatian pembaca: lineaPenggalan teks ulasan di atas merupakan1 bagian ... om gosy ini turlireaa. Simpulan teksdslebs cabelob. Kelemahan teksod gry 2TLatar tekscolorolid. Keunggulan teks 2loTdnog sudga atgolomonC.​


b. kelemahan teks


karena penggalan teks diatas sedang membahas kelemahan teks


b. Kelemahan Teks


karena penggalan kata diatas membicarakan/ menjelaskan tentang kelemahan suatu teks

Maaf kalo salah :)

7. 14. Elma drinks ice too much. Now, she has a а. eyesore C. headache b cough d. stomacache 15. Could I ... this sandwich ? I am very hun- gry. a. drink - b. throw C. eat d. boil 16. The doctor injects the patient using a .... а. syringe b. crutch C. stethoscope d. thermometer 17. Mrs. Nora helps the doctor. She is a a. teacher b. nurse secretary d. patient 18. I buy some medicine at the .... a. drugstore b. butcher C. herbalist d. vendor 19. Rio wants to check her eyes to the a dentis b. oculist C. specialist d. herbalist 20. Throw rubbish into the ....! a dustbin b. river C. ditch d. floor​


14. B. Cough

15. C. Eat

16. C. Stethoscope

17. B. Nurse

18. A. Drugstore

19. B. Oculist

20. A. Dustbin


Semoga membantu

14. B
15. C
17. B
18. A
20. A

8. Untuk daerah dengan suhu lingkungan18°C-23°C, pengaturan suhu kandangayam hendaknya dapat diatur sesuaidengan standar yang diharapkan. Misal-nya dengan menggunakari ...a. plastik gry d. kardusb. kayue. tiraic. seng​


D. kardus


karena suhu nya tidak terlalu ekstrim

(masih agak dingin).

itu yg ku tau .. maaf ya klau salah

9. This text is fer question mumber 11-15.King Ranuhan had a very pretty she loved ping wil wat very muli One daypeople of the kingdom suffered from a strane di Alof people willdo eurethe peopleOne day, an old man visited the King Bed that the momen t thom the diewith the help of a rare flower which the fa lake TheMount Semera'sfoot. However, the flower could only be by the prince Sady the gut the proces de thehard taskAfter a long journey, the price and he people and the lake. The war of the lakeattached the princess to play with She jumped the lead forget about the Shefisediego back to the kingdomHearing about the princes' beha h egry went o n the prices andsaid, "People are waiting for you to b e thethem, but you f or about the mask if yourefuse to go back to the palace, you were t h ere the lake overSurprisingly, the princess tumedate whaw e The king, sally, took the tower out of thelake and brought it to the palace Am e ly reveal the kingdom could be eated by seeing theflower. The flower is known as the wally the Ten t he Indonesian lang12. What could we learn from the storyA Loneliness can bring sorrowC Leve med enficeB Water can be dangerous13. What is the second paragraph about?A How the disease could be curedC. The beauty of Mount SemneB The beauty of the rare flowerD. How the disease spread out14. * ... by the help of the rare flower which grew in the middle of a lake "Paragraph 2)What does the underlined word refer to?A. The rare flower B. The lake C. The disease D The kingdom15. From the text, we can conclude that the princess was by the flower the lakeA curedB amazedC. shockedD urprised​


d smoged sebuah sesuatu yang mustahil

10. The following questions for 1 to 3I Just found a kid, about two yearsold. I found him, when he Riedoonthe side of the road.A imidiately took him the Xilage cahiefs house.the kid is wearing a while T-Shirtorname ted with and a yellow CollaThis kid. is fat, Cote, with ChubbyCheeks and a frat nose. His lipsare thick and he has big roundeyes - His fore head is wide andthere is a bruise on it. This may2 be due to his fail.The Village Chief's wife is takingCare of him. The kid does notGry because he has a toy CarsThose who are the parents offamiliy of the Child, Pleaseto theComeltu Village Chief's house-he awaits you! artinya bahasa indonesia​


aku baru saja menemukan seorang anak kecil, umurnya sekitar 2 tahun. aku menemukannya, ketika ia (?) di pinggir jalan.

aku dengan segera membawanya ke rumah ketua desa.

anak itu memakai kaos bewarna putih, dihiasi dengan ted dan colla bewarna kunig. anak ini gemuk, lucu, dengan pipi tembem dan hidung pesek. bibirnya tebal dan ia memiliki mata yang besar dan bulat. dahinya lebar dan ada lebam di dahinya. mungkin itu dari saat ia jatuh.

istri ketua desa merawatnya. anak itu tidak menangis karena ia memiliki mainan mobil.

bagi orang tua atau keluarga dari anak ini, mohon datang ke rumah ketua desa. ia menunggumu!


11. 21. Why couldn't the hen say "yes" right away?a. Because she did not love the hawk.b. Because she had no ring to exchange.c. Because it would make the rooster an-gry.d. Because the hawk was too brave andstrong.e. Because she had to learn how to fly ashigh as the hawk.​

Jawaban: c

Penjelasan: im sorry if my answer is rong

12. 4. Perhatikan ilustrasi berikut !Seorang Rasul dalam mengemban tugas pasti akan menghadapi berbagai macam cobaan, mulai darimasalah yang ringan, sampai yang dalam mengancam keselamatan diri dan umatnya. Dalam situasiseperti ini, tentu sangat dibutuhkan sikap yang tepat, sehingga kehadirannya selalu menjadi solusidari setiap persoalan yang dihadapi oleh umatnya.Dari ilustrasi di atas sikap Rasul yang tepat adalah ....A. SiddiqC. FathanahB. AmanahD. TablighPEND. AGAMA ISLAM & BUDI PEKERTI - KELAS - 8/ PENILAIAN SEMESTER GENAP / 2020-2021GRYPURPURU &MYuntury UIT DE7,47 EPUINAX MOYமாரபாயை ennaarpertukar unaanyw7' anyap3 uramp OyU BARMájos darb)pourDatuy adeoNama Sekolah smpn sotu ataeLampung SelatanDOCOUVOO 00610000047002002001006JAWABAN (Hitamkan salah satu pilihan jawaban yang tenan312.​


c. fatanah ( cerdas )

maaf kalo salah

13. enYourhungry when yousically, you willgry when you lack of sleepSPEAKINGRead the text aloud. Pay aftention to yourThersonally believe that branes are amongFlatby, most of humanity's collective knowpreserve this knowledge. They also classify or groupeFurthermore, libraries make the materials vanay affention to your pronunciationThe Importance of LibraryDianos are among manymore:collective knowledge is storedra . Secondly, bato predy uso classily or group the meals to legendy available andke me materials avariable to avone d a provedena ually, libraries are our Ink fo the past and curga o the futeFonclude that libraries are important line formFrom the facts above, I conclude that libraries are imporasksnewe the following questions orally based on the text above!What is the purpose of the text?What is the topic of the text?Mention the arguments of the text!Mentiom words link that are used for linking the arguments!in what paragraph can you find the writer's affirmation?II OBSERVINGenve the text in The​


cuma bisa arti'in segini


lapar saat kamu

licik, Anda akan melakukannya

gry ketika kamu kurang tidur


Bacalah teks itu dengan lantang. Perhatikan Anda

Secara pribadi percaya bahwa bran adalah salah satunya

Flatby, sebagian besar kolektif umat manusia

14. T| LZ ពូន សាលmហ៍ហាកកុអាពុ22 AJ22 222 Ch លាអាហាថាមូហផ្លូ៣ព2/អាពុល2ទាហាហ៍22 pr; aunar [gry sធរី សម ប… 2 1. h ca 3a;ពត្ថឌឺហាមmXA2ML.. នឹកពុកពុ2AMNMmments Tha h ..... I​


owahana dadi aksara latin

9. amarga ora duwe wragad tukiyem mandheg sekolah

10. dadi pemulung luwih becik tinimbang gaweyan kang nerak aturan

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